Our Story

Fleur and Arbor was created by Jasmine and Olivia as an online space to showcase creativity in all it's forms. We aim to spark discussions and share our passions. We have dared to do something different to reflect all aspects of each of our interests and welcome contributors to join the conversation. We are not one dimensional and neither should our corner of the internet be. We hope that you come away feeling inspired.


Jasmine Farram - Founder

Jasmine is a Photographer and Collagist who also works as a Project Co-ordinator at the V&A. She is vintage obsessed and sells her finds online and at vintage fairs. 


Instagram: @stylemethrift


Olivia Newstead

Olivia is a freelance creative, photographer, stylist and content creator. Often found in the kitchen, she loves to develop recipes and get creative.


Instagram: @olivianewstead

What We Are

Platform – A space for showcasing creativity in all its forms

Resource - A space for discovery, insight, learning and development

Community - A space to be a part of something, to collaborate and build friendships

What We Do

Showcase, Support, Community

Who Do We Do It For

Fleur and Arbor will always prioritise providing a space to support women in the arts sector.

We are committed to actively supporting those from underrepresented groups including BAME, LGBTQ+, Disabled and Working-Class communities.

F&A isn’t just about receiving submissions, we know this can be a barrier in many ways, so we actively approach artists, makers and creatives that inspire us and invite them to participate.